Weekly & Grand Prizes

Are you wondering about the throwback prizes?

Fun story: we journeyed so deep into the prize vault for this contest that our marketing intern accidentally travelled back to the 80s. After spending hours binge-watching Klondike® commercials, they grabbed as much as they could fit in their arms and brought it back. We promise none of it’s broken (probably).

Don't forget that by answering a silly question or captioning a photo in the entry form, you could score more awesome prizes!


Vintage Nintendo Console and 4k TV

Karaoke Machine with Subwoofer and Speaker

Portable Arcade Console with 2,700 Games and 4k TV


Customer Klondike® Donut Swag Bundle including Klondike® vintage cooler, socks, and water bottle

Painting of Klondike Donut + $100 Gift Card

Blackberry + $250 in Gift Cards

iPod Classic + $250 in Gift Cards

Best Comment or Caption Grand Prize

Mini Jukebox with a roll of quarters + $500 in Gift Cards